Heal-Thy, a weight loss company, is aimed to enhance clients’ lifestyle with the right food at right time in the right portions. We base our diet & lifestyle plans on individual body types (Ayurvedic Prakriti). With healthy, home-cooked food combinations instead of a low-calorie diet, we design personalized plans that can be followed for life, resulting in a lifestyle transformation and not just a temporary weight loss.

We work on making you feel good about your bodies and follow a lifelong routine of eating the right diet.

Our Concept

We don’t base our concept on a low-calorie diet because a person cannot follow it for a long time. Instead, we consider individual body constitution or Ayurvedic Prakriti of a person which helps improve metabolism, triggers fat loss, and maintain weight balance.

Moreover, we prepare and guide our clients for, a routine that can be adapted in a regular lifestyle. This ensures lifelong weight management and not only for a specific period. In short, our diet patterns and plans are not for a temporary period but a lifestyle transformation.

Everyone who wants to stay healthy.

Diet for men & women

Heal-Thy food plans are suitable for men & women willing to improve their health as well as look fit and glamorous. Ayurvedic Prakriti helps to understand one’s body better, and we use it to know which food groups are more compliant with our clients’ condition, especially those suffering from medical problems and lifestyle diseases.

Diet for pregnant women

For instance, pregnant women may gain un-proportionate weight, at times. At heal-thy, we recommend a highly nutritious and balanced meal plan that feeds the baby with the required nutrients alongside enabling the mother to shed post-pregnancy weight easily.

Choose right food while travelling

Also, people who travel a lot or stay in hotels for long periods too learn to choose the right kind of foods. This helps them avoid putting on unnecessary weight while feeding on outside food.

( Award Winning Nutritionist & Weight Loss Expert )

With around 15 years of experience counselling people for their weight loss & lifestyle enhancement needs, Sheebba Khanna has earned recognition across India as well as the globe and has clients Worldwide . She started her career in the field post completing a course in Food & Health from Stanford University and a Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition from IGNOU University, Delhi.


At Sharjah Indian Women’s Association Club, Dubai.


Bangkok Indian Women’s Association (IWA), Bangkok.


Organized by Ms Shirley Budhrani in Hong-Kong.

Jan 2012

Talk & Client Enrolment at Dubai Indian Ladies Club.

27 Feb 2012

Presentation to doctors of Indian Medical.

Association 1967

at Hotel Royal President, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by Dr Rani Baweja (President Indian Ladies Club, Bangkok).

2014 to 2016

On-board appointment as Weight Loss Consultant & Nutritionist with ISSAC (International Skin and Anti Aging Clinic, Chattarpur), Delhi.

Sept 2016

Talk & Client Enrolment at Premyoga Ashram, Bangkok, Thailand.

June 2018

Talk and Presentation at Karunavati Club, Ahmedabad with consultations of doctors of B J Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Our Mission

To bring about a total transformation in our clients’ lifestyle, so that they eat healthily and always stay healthy, fit, glamorous, and energetic.

Our Vision

Increasing the joy of living and not just surviving by creating a feel-good factor about weight loss among people.

Everyone needs a different weight loss plan based on body type.