No crash diet

The major problem with people who regain after losing weight is the way they loose it.

Starving or crash dieting can ruin your health and leads to rebound in weight gain.

Diet based on Ayurvedic constitution

We plan the diet according to a person’s individual body type which depends upon lifestyle, work hours, medical history, personal food likes and dislikes, etc.

Healthy eating patterns

We offer a diet which is a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats which give you good energy levels and a glowing complexion.

Weight and inch loss

Loose 2 to 7 kgs and see an inch loss depending upon your body weight in one month and acquire a perfect body shape.

- Ayurvedic remedies

Ayurvedic remedies for disorders like acidity, gas, arthritis, irregular periods, water retention etc, according to one’s body constitution.

- Healthy juices

Vegetable Juices are recommended according to the body type of a person.

- Therapeutic diets

We plan therapeutic diets for diabetics, hypertensives, juvenile diabetics, etc. We also give diets for pregnancy to gain the appropriate weight gain which can be shed easily later.

- Our body is made up of 3 elements (doshas),i.e., vata(air), pitta(fire), kapha(water).

- Imbalance in the 3 doshas is the first sign that mind and body are not coordinated.

- Restoring these doshas opens up the possibility of a mind-body system that is always balanced, always healthy and always evolving.

- Just as there are doshas, there are 3 basic types of human constitution in the Ayurvedic system, depending upon which of the doshas is dominant.

- One's Nature

- Hair texture

- External features

- Linking or disliking to partical food.

- Light, thin built

- Performs every activity with enthusiasm

- Irregular hunger and digestion

- Light interrupted sleep

- Tendency to worry

- Tendency to constipation and develop gas

- Tires easily as tendency to ever exert

- Tendency to have dry skin in winters

- Speak quickly and friends think they are talkative

- Learn quickly and forget quickly

- Medium built and strength

- Enduring and enterprising character

- Sharp intellect

- Sharp hunger and thirst

- Strong digestion, cannot skip meals

- Tendency towards anger

- Fair or ruddy skin(often freckled)

- Aversion to hot weather and sun

- Precise speech

- Light brown, blonde or reddish hair

- Solid powerful built

- Steady energy but slow and graceful in action

- Relaxed personality

- Gain weight easily and loose slowly

- Tendency towards excess mucus, congestion, asthma and sinus.

- Need 8 hrs of sleep to be comfortable the next day

- Slow digestion and heavy feeling

- Cool and calm nature

- Have thick, dark and wavy hair

- Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic these days. More than 60% adults are overweight due to the so-called energy saving devices such as TVs with remotes, computers, 8-hour long desk jobs, etc.

The number of sedentary hours, social commitments, parties, etc are more, so we tend to burn fewer calories due irregular and overeating at one time.

Weight gain as a result of unhealthy lifestyle leads to problems like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, joint pains, knee pain, infertility, etc.