Weight Loss & Wellness Programs & Packages at Heal-Thy are devised, keeping in mind medical conditions, lifestyle patterns, Age, Metabolism, and other factors. Pick one from the list of pre-defined packages given below or contact us to get one designed, specifically for you :

1. Heal-thy weight loss package.

2. Therapeutic Fat loss package.

3. Therapeutic Diet for Fat Loss and Diabetic Control.

4. Heal-thy Package for Pregnancy.

5. Heal-thy Package for Growing Children.

Therapeutic Fat loss package.

A weight loss plan based on one’s specific body type that focuses on losing unwanted fat from the body alongside an improvement in skin, hair, & energy levels without muscle loss.
A) Clients get a specific diet plan based on Ayurvedic analysis of their body by onboard doctors. Medical conditions like hypertension, high uric acid, high cholesterol, PCOD, thyroid disorders, hair/skin improvement, and low immunity/energy levels are also taken into consideration.

B) The plan balances protein, carbohydrates, and fat intake with planned timings and schedule to avoid muscle loss while triggering weight loss. Pre/post workout meals are suggested are home remedies are also given for specific medical conditions with an aim to sort them to some extent.
C) A detailed note of informative body-type analysis is accompanied that helps clients maintain weight and wellness in the long run. Energy level, skin, and hair improvement are seen within 3 months.

Therapeutic Diet for Fat Loss and Diabetic Control.

Specially designed for diabetic people looking to lose or maintain weight. The inclusion of home food regularises blood sugar and delivers long-term benefits alongside therapeutic fat loss without muscle loss.

Heal-thy weight loss package.

General healthy weight loss plan that is aimed to reset one’s timings and schedule as per their lifestyle, including recommended pre/post workout meals and in-between meals.

Heal-thy Package for Pregnancy.

A high-protein diet for pregnant women, containing adequate fats & carbohydrates, ensures healthy growth of the baby without putting on much weight to the mother. The added weight can be easily shed-off post pregnancy.

Heal-thy Package for Growing Children.

Designed for growing children who gain weight due to wrong eating habits, this package comprises of a proper diet pattern including protein intake for height gain, keeping their likes & dislikes in mind.